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Brand owners look to us to bring the big ideas, creative work and tactical execution to drive results in after-hours markets. We work with many of the best to create communities that celebrate the night – and the brands that light it up. But our door is always open to new friends, and there’s always room for one more on the ride. Come with us.

See how we celebrate the night.
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We don’t call them influencers, promoters or gatekeepers; we call them friends. And our national network of local connections enables us to activate in every major city on behalf of our partners. Our advocacy programs focus on identifying, converting and pursuing authentic relationships with the people who decide what your night looks like – and how your brand is perceived.

We light up the people and places that matter most.


Night After Night was originally founded as a production company that serviced clients like MTV, Sony Music, and Nike, with content platforms before ‘brand content’ was all the rage. Over the years, we’ve evolved, but content has always remained core to our offering. Our in-house studio is led by an integrated creative and production team that develops design-informed, cross-channel content programs to reach people where they are, and give them what they want: content that is welcomed at the party.

We create content that creates community.


Night After Night develops and delivers partnership programs to link your brand to artists in authentic, real ways that give fans what they want: more opportunities to hear from the artists themselves. This unique, tri-pronged approach creates a symbiosis that’s of tremendous value to each stakeholder group: fans, brands and artists. Everybody makes out, so to speak. (Or actually. You do you.)

We turn it on when the lights go off.


Night After Night gave us the strategic and creative foundation we needed to effectively expand our retail and Ecommerce presence and amplify our voice on social media.  They’re talented, they’re smart, and they bring a consumer first approach to everything they do.

Ross Fenderson, VP, Marketing, Vermont Smoke & Cure

Night After Night is respected for their brilliant creative and they have been a key agency for Jameson over the past several years. The partnership has been built on excellent creative development and a strong relationship between the two teams, and it is key for the future success of the brand. 

Sona Bajaria, VP of Irish Whiskeys, Pernod Ricard USA