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What everyone should be drinking.


WHEN WE SAY WE HAVE A PRODUCTION MINDSET, WE SHOULD ALSO SAY DISTILLING. Getting in front of the rising trend of craft and brown spirit consumption in the U.S and worldwide, we identified an opportunity to awaken a sleepy category and revive the original American spirit – Applejack. Co-owned by our agency’s founders Elliott Phear and Casey McGrath, and supported by Night After Night's great understanding of and passion for the spirits industry, Barking Irons Applejack was brought to market in Fall of 2015. A 100-proof, made-in-New-York Applejack made from 100% New York apples, our spirit has now been poured in over 100+ NYC-area accounts.




FOCUSING ON KEY INFLUENCERS IN SPIRITS AND LIFESTYLE MEDIA, we used a carefully targeted approach when introducing the product. And even though we think our product speaks for itself, it's not the only one talking. By reaching the right journalists, we've garnered over 100MM editorial impressions since launch as well as two Bronze Medals in the San Francisco International Spirits Competition for our liquid, a Silver Medal for our packaging and silver medals in both the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition and in Tastings' annual ratings. 

We also developed a distribution strategy that leveraged trial and built brand equity on-premise in some of New York’s top mixology bars, while educating consumers and shifting volume off-premise. Finding and rewarding the gatekeepers to these bars, restaurants and liquor stores has resulted in both an engaged and repeat customer base.

Music Program 

SINCE OUR INCEPTION AS A BRAND, we've partnered with Basilica Soundscape, a carefully curated two-day event in Hudson, NY, that’s been called “the anti-festival” for offering a thoughtful mix of music, visual art, and literature. Sampling and gifting in their VIP area put the brand in the hands (and mouths) of performing artists, influencers and media. Additionally, on a hyper-local level, we’ve supported the music-themed industry nights of key accounts, gaining us favor within NY’s artist community. 

Cultural Content 

THE BARKING IRONS BRAND IS ROOTED IN NEW YORK HISTORY from the rough-and-tumble Five Points-era up through whatever is left of old New York today. Our #ItAintSweet campaign dispels all misconceptions about applejack's taste while simultaneously acknowledging the “ain’t sweet” character of the city it calls home, something NYC residents - no matter how long they've been here - wear like a badge of honor.