night vision

what keeps us up at night: may

Tonight, we're partnering with Vinyl Me, Please for a listening session of this month's essentials album Lord Willin by Clipse. We are also giving away a huge package of vinyl, check our latest Instagram for details.

Night After Night (studio space)

135 West 29th, Suite 804
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This week, we're...

Digging this photographer/cab driver's look at 30 years capturing NY nightlife

Dreaming up all the ways we can have fun with the new Spotify x Instagram integration

Looking forward to all of the free concerts in NYC this summer

Looking back at our city's parks during the summer of '78

Still obsessed with Traveller's song 'Hummingbird' (after catching them twice at Union Pool this week)

Watching then watching again the powerful 'This is America' video from Childish Gambino

Not into the idea of facial recognition concert tickets

& into (but also scared of) the idea of capturing the dreams we don't remember

Have a great week!