night vision

why the night

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the night. When I was six years old, I would sneak out of bed to sit by the window and watch the summertime parties of the teenagers who lived next door.

When I was in high school I saw my first Tom Petty show and I was hooked on the collective experience of a rock show for life.
When I was in college there were weekends when I wouldn’t see the sun, except when it rose.

When I graduated school and moved back to New York (lucky to find a 7’ by 7’ room in a third-floor walk-up that I rented from two girls I went to high school with), the city fulfilled all my hopes and more. Shady bars, clubs, rooftop parties, spending a whole paycheck for an unforgettable dinner. Or the nights when the only dinner you had was whatever you could pick from the cheese plate at a gallery opening. The night in New York, and the people who ran it, were endlessly entertaining for me, and they still are.

Of course, the night isn’t just for New Yorkers – the night is for everyone. One of the great things about the night is that it brings people together. A respite for us all: a time when we set aside the workday worries and pings on our phones so that we can come together and connect, celebrate, and be free for a little while.

I love the night, and I always have. For the past 15 years, my agency Phear Creative has helped brands connect with consumers in this unique space and time we call night. And, like anything you practice over time, we’ve gotten good at it.

Which is why, after many great years as Phear Creative, Casey and I are beginning a new chapter with our team of night marketing experts. And now, our company’s name and offering more aptly describe who we are, what we do, and most importantly, the value we offer our clients.

We are Night After Night. And we help brands connect with consumers in the night-time economy. We’ve done it for some of the most well-known brands in the world, and we look forward to doing it for more.

For those of you interested in learning more about what makes this world tick and how brands can connect at this opportune time, please get in touch: